Conferences and Workshops


  • University of Michigan, hosted by Lei Ying, September 2021.
  • Cornell, hosted by Sid Banerjee, July–August 2021.
  • Stanford (virtual), hosted by Balaji Prabhakar, May 2021.
  • Ohio State (virtual), hosted by Ness Shroff, March 2021.
  • UIUC (virtual), hosted by R. Srikant, February 2021.
  • Stanford, hosted by Ramesh Johari, October 2019.
  • UC Berkeley, hosted by Rhonda Righter, October 2019.
  • University of Washington, hosted by Anna Karlin, September 2019.
  • IBM Research, hosted by Mark Squillante and Soumyadip Ghosh, June–August 2019.
  • University of Antwerp, hosted by Benny Van-Houdt, April–May 2019.
  • Eindhoven University of Technology, hosted by Onno Boxma, December 2018.
  • University of Amsterdam, hosted by Jan-Pieter Dorsman, December 2018.
  • Caltech, hosted by Adam Wierman, June 2018.

Slides and Videos

A New Queueing Identity with Applications to Multiserver Scheduling


The Gittins Policy in the M/G/1 Queue

WiOpt 2021.
[slides] [paper]

How to Schedule Near-Optimally under Real-World Constraints

Michigan CSP Seminar 2021.

Coupling Techniques for Complex Control Problems

Tutorial at SIGMETRICS 2021.
Part 1: sample-path coupling [slides] [video]
Part 2: steady-state coupling [slides] [video]

The Gittins Policy is Nearly Optimal in the M/G/k under Extremely General Conditions

SIGMETRICS 2021, Stanford Information Theory Forum 2021, UIUC SINE Seminar 2021.
[slides] [video] [paper]

Bounding Mean Slowdown in Multiserver Systems

MAMA 2021.
[slides] [paper]

Near-Optimal Scheduling: Towards a Unified Theory

Ohio State Seminar 2021.

Optimal Multiserver Scheduling with Unknown Job Sizes in Heavy Traffic

MAMA 2020.
[slides] [video] [paper]

Characterizing Policies with Optimal Response Time Tails under Heavy-Tailed Job Sizes

[slides] [video] [paper]

Simple Near-Optimal Scheduling for the M/G/1

SIGMETRICS 2020, MAMA 2019, INFORMS 2019, Stanford ISL Colloquium 2019.
SIGMETRICS 2020 Best Video Award.
[slides] [video] [paper]

Unfair Scheduling Patterns in NUMA Architectures

PACT 2019.
[slides] [paper]

The Power of SOAP Scheduling

Tutorial at SIGMETRICS 2019.

Optimal Scheduling and Exact Response Time Analysis for Multistage Jobs

INFORMS 2018, YEQT 2018.
[slides] [paper]

SOAP: One Clean Analysis of All Age-Based Scheduling Policies

INFORMS 2018, SIGMETRICS 2018, CMU CS Theory Lunch 2018, IBM Research Seminar 2019, UW CS Theory Seminar 2019, UC Berkeley IEOR Seminar 2019.
[slides] [video] [paper] [short slides]

Open Problem—M/G/1 Scheduling with Preemption Delays

[slides] [paper]

Optimally Scheduling Jobs with Multiple Tasks

INFORMS 2018, INFORMS APS 2017, MAMA 2017.
[slides] [paper]

A Program Optimization for Automatic Database Result Caching

POPL 2017, PLDI 2016 Student Research Competition.
[slides] [paper]

Scheduling with the Gittins Index

CMU CS Theory Lunch 2017.
[slides] [video]