Queueing Theory

SOAP: One Clean Analysis of All Age-Based Scheduling Policies

CMU CS theory lunch, April 2017. How to analyze the response time of any age-based scheduling policy.
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Optimally Scheduling Jobs with Multiple Tasks

INFORMS APS 2017; MAMA 2017. Solving a scheduling problem where jobs consist of multiple tasks, each of unknown size.
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Scheduling with the Gittins Index

CMU CS theory lunch, February 2017. An introduction the Gittins Index in the context of scheduling jobs in single-server queueing systems to minimize mean response time.
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Programming Languages

A Program Optimization for Automatic Database Result Caching

POPL 2017. Presentation on a compiler optimization that automatically adds caching and sound cache invalidation to web applications.
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Recursion Theorem

MIT 18.504 (Seminar in Logic), February 2015. An explanation of recursion theorem by relating it to the Y combinator from -calculus.



SIGBOVIK 2017. Applying serious math to a less serious problem. See the paper for more content and the SIBOVIK website for more context.
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