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Unfair Scheduling Patterns in NUMA Architectures

PACT 2019.
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Simple Near-Optimal Scheduling for the M/G/1

MAMA 2019, INFORMS 2019, Stanford ISL Colloquium 2019.
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The Power of SOAP Scheduling


Optimal Scheduling and Exact Response Time Analysis for Multistage Jobs

INFORMS 2018, YEQT 2018.
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SOAP: One Clean Analysis of All Age-Based Scheduling Policies

INFORMS 2018, SIGMETRICS 2018, CMU CS Theory Lunch 2018, IBM Research Seminar 2019, UW CS Theory Seminar 2019, UC Berkeley IEOR Seminar 2019.
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Optimally Scheduling Jobs with Multiple Tasks

INFORMS 2018, INFORMS APS 2017, MAMA 2017.
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A Program Optimization for Automatic Database Result Caching

POPL 2017, PLDI 2016 Student Research Competition.
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Scheduling with the Gittins Index

CMU CS Theory Lunch 2017.
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