Ziv Scully is an NSF FODSI postdoc at Harvard SEAS and MIT CSAIL. He will join Cornell ORIE (Operations Research and Information Engineering) as an assistant professor in 2023. He completed his PhD in Computer Science at CMU in 2022, advised by Mor Harchol-Balter and Guy Blelloch. Prior to that, he graduated from MIT in 2016 with a BS in Mathematics with Computer Science. He is the recipient of an NSF Graduate Fellowship and an ARCS Foundation scholarship.

Broadly, Ziv researches the theory of decision making under uncertainty, resource allocation, and performance evaluation. His particular focus has been analyzing and optimizing computer systems and algorithms from a stochastic perspective, studying topics including job scheduling, load balancing, and stochastic combinatorial optimization.

Ziv’s work has been recognized by multiple awards from INFORMS, ACM SIGMETRICS, and IFIP PERFORMANCE, including winning the 2022 George Nicholson Student Paper Competition and receiving the 2022 SIGMETRICS Doctoral Dissertation Award.