Hi! I'm Ziv (he/him; pronounced "Zeev"), an assistant professor at Cornell ORIE (Operations Research and Information Engineering).

In 2022, I completed my PhD in CMU's Computer Science Department, where I was advised by Mor Harchol-Balter and Guy Blelloch. I then spent a year split between the UC Berkeley Simons Institute (for the D3P program), Harvard SEAS, and MIT CSAIL.

Broadly, I am interested decision-making under uncertainty, which I approach with a stochastic control mindset. I am especially interested in problems related to queueing (scheduling, load balancing, resource allocation) and Markovian/Bayesian bandits (Pandora's box problems, Gittins indices). Much of my PhD thesis is devoted to the overlap of these two areas.

Below is a video of a talk I gave at the TCS+ virtual seminar series that gives an overview of some of my recent research. My talks page has additional videos, slides, and more.

Recent Progress in Queueing and Scheduling Theory (for a TCS Audience)