Hi! I'm Ziv (he/him; pronounced "Zeev"), an assistant professor at Cornell ORIE (Operations Research and Information Engineering).

In 2022, I completed my PhD in CMU's Computer Science Department, where I was advised by Mor Harchol-Balter and Guy Blelloch. I then spent a year split between the UC Berkeley Simons Institute (for the D3P program), Harvard SEAS, and MIT CSAIL.

Broadly, I am interested decision-making under uncertainty, which I approach with a stochastic control mindset. I am especially interested in problems related to queueing (scheduling, load balancing, resource allocation) and Markovian/Bayesian bandits (Pandora's box problems, Gittins indices). Much of my PhD thesis is devoted to the overlap of these two areas.

Below are videos of talks I've given at the SNAPP and TCS+ virtual seminar series. My talks page has additional videos and slides.

Strongly Tail-Optimal Scheduling in the Light-Tailed M/G/1

Recent Progress in Queueing and Scheduling Theory (for a TCS Audience)