Queueing Theory

Optimally Scheduling Jobs with Multiple Tasks

INFORMS APS 2017; MAMA 2017. Presentation accompanying my short paper on solving a scheduling problem where jobs consist of multiple tasks, each of unknown size.

Scheduling with the Gittins Index

CMU CS theory lunch, February 2017 (video). An introduction the Gittins Index in the context of scheduling jobs in single-server queueing systems to minimize mean response time.

Programming Languages

A Program Optimization for Automatic Database Result Caching

POPL 2017. Presentation accompanying my paper on a compiler optimization that automatically adds caching and sound cache invalidation to web applications.


Recursion Theorem

MIT 18.504 (Seminar in Logic), February 2015. An explanation of recursion theorem by relating it to the Y combinator from -calculus.



SIGBOVIK 2017 (video). Applying serious math to a less serious problem. See the paper for more content and the SIBOVIK website for more context.